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Endings and Beginnings

Incredibly enough I’ve just moved my blog house. I can’t believe it. My new blog is over at:

Just a few hours ago I vaguely posted something about it, thinking that the domain moving, mapping, or whatever you call it, would take 24-72 hours as the instructions stated, but in actual fact it only took a few minutes. Lucky me.

What happens now?

Now this blog goes back to it’s old free wordpress name again. Papaya Pieces is now still called and you can see it here. I think in a few days I’ll delete all my now duplicated posts from here because apparently google gets confused and doesn’t like that…

Please note that my newer posts will come up in the wordpress feed as from now so please update your RSS settings if you still want to follow my ramblings, or sign up to my newsletters over on that page.

By the way, I will still read the Wordpress blogs that I love. For a long time already I’ve centered my RSS feed through Feedly, which I love using.

Why did I do this?

No coherent reason whatsoever. I’ve just moved to Squarespace because I wanted to. I love their minimal designs and how easy they is to use. No offense to WordPress, I’ve really and truly enjoyed my time here, but I just felt like moving.

What’s with this photo of a paella in black and white?

I get to make a custom 404 Error page over there, so I used this photo and decided to have a bit of fun.

Good night

Ok, I’m exhausted now. Plus I have another severe flu again. Geez I though that once you got it one season you are immune. Apparently not… Once I more or less recover I’ll continue blogging from there.


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Behind the Scenes

There is a reason for my scarce blogging lately. For once I’m not feeling uninspired nor lazy. I’m conspiring a few changes in design and, ahem, blog house. Soon that page up there will go live, and then very soon after that, if everything goes as planned, I shall continue to contaminate the cyberworld again.

Hasta la vista!